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Sponsor and Exhibitor Information

DATIA 2020 is the must-attend event for any organization serious about effectively growing their business in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Representing nearly 1,500 members, DATIA's goal is to provide its members with programs that are of the greatest interest. Thus, DATIA's Annual Conference and Exhibition brings together key decision-makers in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Companies choosing to sponsor and/or exhibit at this conference can market their services to the top business executives directly responsible for buying or approving purchases of products and services - that they in turn can provide to their clients. Survey results from DATIA's 2019 conference show:

of DATIA attendees are directly involved in the purchasing of products and services for their organization.

of attendees made purchases on-site - or planned to make purchases from exhibitors following the conference.

If you're looking to share in a rewarding experience with the world's largest gathering of drug and alcohol testing industry executives and professionals, complete and submit your DATIA sponsorship and/or exhibitor application today.

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why sponsor or exhibit at DATIA 2020?

Consider the following reasons:

1. Make a statement.
Your physical presence through a sponsorship and exhibit proves to attendees that your company is engaged and committed to the industry. This benefit is especially important when it comes to building partnerships, alliances, and other industry relationships. And through sponsorship and/or exhibition, your company will also be seen in association with other sponsors and exhibitors - key firms that are leaders in their field. All of this will help further the brand building of your company, as well as develop attendee awareness of your company. Your presence also shows you are in partnership with DATIA - and that the educational materials and presentations available through DATIA are in part made possible by your participation.

2. Leverage the scope.
DATIA markets its annual conference to the full range of industry segments. Whatever your target is, DATIA has a voice for them.

3. Leverage the practicality.
DATIA's Annual Conference is more than just a sponsorship or an exhibition. Sponsorships and exhibits include one or more conference registrations. Attend the DATIA sessions and associated networking events, learn about future trends, and reap the benefits from meeting high-level industry professionals who attend these events.

4. Meet new leads.
A study by Exhibit Surveys Inc. shows that, in the 12 months prior to the conference, on average only 12 percent of prospects passing through an exhibitor's booth traffic had already been called on by a salesperson from that company. This means that 88 percent of the contacts are NEW prospects. And, of equal importance, compared to prospects identified through other means, attendees at a conference are "high-quality" prospects. On average, 82 percent of conference attendees influence purchase decision-making, and forty-nine percent of an exhibit's visitors are planning to buy those products or services.

5. Extend relationships.
Exhibits are all about sales, but they certainly are not wholly about sales to new contacts.

  • Being present on DATIA's exhibit floor provides an opportunity for existing clients to approach members of your company for invaluable exchanges that can range from new sales or cross-sales, raising or addressing previously unknown issues, ensuring good relationships, or gaining insight into new industry needs and other intelligence.
  • Your company can also further leverage the DATIA Conference and Exhibition by using it to go a step further - to say "thanks" to key customers - through providing hospitality suites, one-on-one dinners, or special services - such as providing transportation. Conference exhibits are an excellent opportunity to reinforce existing customer relationships.

6. Innovate with your exhibit.
Find new ways to leverage the power of your conference exhibit booth.

  • Go beyond simple displays and presentations of your product line by creating hands-on demonstrations that let attendees experience what you're offering while demonstrating the uniqueness of your company's innovation and value through highly-distinctive theme presentations.
  • Invite key press contacts to visit your booth to create media exposure and generate greater attention.

7. Sharpen your competitive edge.
Conference exhibits provide opportunities to distinguish your company from competitors.

  • A knowledgeable and well-trained booth staff, aggressive pre- and at-show promotion, eye-catching booth design, and conscientious follow-ups after a conference can build matchless continuity, earn respect, and substantiate client relations. This collective approach is critical when you remember that conference attendees use exhibits to compare providers. Prospects in your exhibit booth mean invaluable face-time opportunities to share how your products and services are superior to those available elsewhere.
  • The conference exhibit floor also provides an invaluable opportunity to study the competition. Where else can you find out so much information on a competitor's new product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies? Much can be learned by just watching and listening.

8. Survey the changing landscape.
Conference exhibits offer a great opportunity to conduct market research. If you're considering launching a new product or service, you can survey attendees on aspects such as pricing, distribution, features and benefits, and minimum quality requirements.

9. Realize the value.
Conference exhibits are one of the most cost-effective ways for your company to reach a qualified audience.

  • According to a study by Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the average cost of an initial face-to-face visit with a prospective customer at an exhibition is $96, while the cost of the first sales visit in the field is $1,039.
  • You can reach more prospects in a three-day period than your sales force can in three months. In the wake of the recession, while companies may be sending fewer contacts to conferences, they are sending more qualified contacts. According to an executive with Diversified Business Communications as well as data from CEIR, 81 percent of conference attendees have buying authority.
  • Due to personal introductions, sales leads begun at conference exhibitions require less effort to close. Research by Exhibit Surveys indicates that only .8 calls are needed to close a lead that was qualified through the exhibit booth - compared to 3.7 calls required to close a sale via other channels. According to another study by the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation, 54 percent of all orders placed as a result of a trade show lead require no personal follow-up visit.
  • Statistics from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research show that, for companies that invest in both conference sponsorship and an exhibit booth, sponsorship can increase quality booth traffic by as much as 104 percent.

A sponsorship or exhibit at DATIA's Annual Conference provides unparalleled efficiency in the cost of marketing; less effort yields higher rewards.



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