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DATIA Regional Trainer Application

Why expand the DATIA collector certification program?

DATIA members expressed strong interest in creating a Regional Trainer model to meet demand for courses and training in general. This Regional training program was started in 2002 and has had great success. DATIA’s collector training course has become the industry standard, and demand is expected to continue as DOT, federal agencies, and employers require more accuracy in the drug testing process and qualifications from collectors. To meet the increased need for DATIA certification, we must partner with key professionals to expand the reach of the non-profit association sponsored training courses to reach those in rural areas, smaller cities, and in the situations where a regional training is more appropriate for Certified Professional Collector (CPC) training.

How will regional trainers be selected?

Regional Certified Professional Collector Trainers (R-CPCT) will be held to high standards. To qualify as an R-CPCT, a CPCT must meet the required standards and must complete and submit the R-CPCT application and any requested attachments.

What are the minimum required qualifications for an R-CPCT?

To apply to be an R-CPCT, the candidate must:

  1. Have passed on his/her first attempt to take the Collector Certification Exam during the year that he/she applies to be a R-CPCT (R-CPCTs are allowed to challenge questions missed through the normal certification program procedures);
  2. Have at least five years experience performing specimen collections;
  3. Have at least two years experience training collectors;
  4. Agree to adhere to all program rules, regulations, standards, guidelines, and policies;
  5. Have no history of violating the certification program rules and regulations (written documentation sent to violators will be maintained on file for each violation);
  6. R-CPCTs must participate in and document their participation in at least 20 hours of professional education (related to either specimen collections, drug testing, or presenting of training courses) every five years. This must include participation in a DATIA Specimen Collector Training Course once every five years (CPCT, Advanced CPCT, Refresher Training, or online CPC).



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  • IMT
  • Easler Education
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Intoximeters
  • Abbott
  • RDI
  • Current Consulting Group
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