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What is the Collector Training Course?

The most crucial aspect of the Accredited Collection Facility Program is the Collector Training Course. In an effort to raise the level of accuracy and the quality of specimen collections, DATIA designed a comprehensive collector training course that covers all aspects of the collection process for both Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT collections. Course participants will master proper collection procedures from completing the Chain of Custody Form to handling difficult collection situations.


Program Goals

The Accredited Collection Facility Program and Certified Professional Collector ® (CPC) programs seek to strengthen this link by ensuring that specimen collectors are highly trained and educated in federal drug testing guidelines and procedures.

The Accreditation and Certification programs will allow for an improvement in the working relationship between laboratories, medical review officers, consortia/third party administrators, and collection facilities.

DATIA's Accreditation and Certification programs will help laboratories, MROs, C/TPAs, and employers identify collection facilities that are committed to offering high quality collection services. One of the most frustrating and costly aspects of workplace drug testing is the high incidence of rejected specimens due to errors at the collection site. Use of an Accredited Collection Facility staffed with Certified Professional Collectors will reduce the number of rejected specimens, thereby saving everyone time and resources.


Collector Certification Categories

DATIA offers two levels of certification for specimen collectors, the Certified Professional Collector® (CPC) and the Certified Professional Collector Trainer® (CPCT). Both certifications provide comprehensive instruction and proficiency testing on the key elements and skills necessary to perform specimen collections in a manner that ensures the security of the specimen and the privacy of the donor. Certification as a CPCT requires additional experience and training in both specimen collections and the aspects of providing comprehensive training to fellow collectors.


Certification Requirements


  • Currently employed in a position with active participation in collection services
  • Possess understanding of DOT and HHS specimen collection requirements
  • 100 completed specimen collections and 6 months active participation in specimen collection services (must meet this requirement before attending a CPCT Training seminar)
  • Successful completion of the DATIA CPCT Training Seminar
  • Successfully achieving a passing score on the CPCT examination



  • Currently employed in a position with active participation in collection services
  • Possess understanding of DOT and HHS specimen collection requirements
  • Successful completion of training by a current CPCT from the candidate's company
  • Successfully achieving a passing score on the CPC examination


CPCT Training Course is held regionally approximately three times a year, in the spring and fall months.

The fee for the CPCT Training Course is $329 for members and $429 for non-members.


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  • State Drug Testing Laws
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  • Intoximeters
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