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Diana Bauske Educational Scholarship Fund

Named in honor of one of the industry’s biggest proponents of education, long-time DATIA Board Member, lifelong educator, and long-time DATIA instructor; the Diana Bauske Educational Scholarship Fund fuels the growth and advancement of DATIA members by expanding opportunities for professional development through scholarships. Scholarships provide course and/or annual conference registration to dedicated and deserving DATIA members who are in need of a little financial assistance. Apply for or donate to the fund.


Marijuana Education Outreach Fund

As states move forward with various forms of legalized marijuana, many employers are unsure of whether they can continue to test for marijuana use and take corrective actions against employees that test positive. Many are unsure of just how safe marijuana use is since pro-marijuana groups are constantly promoting its “benefits.” DATIA has been working on developing educational information for employers to address these questions and more, but needs assistance via funding to effectively bring such projects and future efforts to fruition and to get the information out to those employers.

Donations to the Marijuana Education Outreach Fund will be used to advocate for employers’ rights to a safe and drug-free workplace. As part of this, funds will be used to research and provide employers with information regarding:

  • How marijuana use truly impacts employers and their applicant pools
  • Risks associated with lack of consistent policy enforcement
  • How to comply with state laws concerning legalized marijuana, while maintaining an effective drug testing program

We encourage you to donate to this important initiative. Donate to the Marijuana Education Outreach Fund via HTML or PDF.


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