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The objective of the DER Certification (C-DER) with DATIA is to enable DERs to fully understand the role of the DER in the drug testing process; define issues that arise during the drug testing process and what action is required of DERs; learn more about the DER’s relationship with other players in the testing process, including C/TPAs, collectors, MROs, EAPs, laboratory personnel, and SAPs; ensure complete compliance with federal rules and regulations; better serve the employees they work with by being knowledgeable about the entire mandated drug and alcohol testing process; learn the differences in testing procedures for each transportation mode; better define his/her role in assuring DOT and company policy compliance; provide services meeting standards of professionalism, accountability, and ethical behavior; and implement practical application of industry standards and procedures.

Per 49 CFR Part 40.15(d) As an employer, you must not permit a service agent to act as your DER.

To become certified as a C-DER with DATIA, the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must be employed as a DER
  2. You must take a DATIA DER course: 
    1. In person
    2. Online, or
    3. With a trainer who has completed the DATIA in-person Designated Employer Representative course.
  3. Take and pass the DATIA DER Certification Exam

C-DER Certification Benefits

  • Save your company time and money by ensuring you are effectively performing the DER roles and responsibilities
  • Stand out as a more marketable and respected DER
  • Demonstrate that you are current on all regulations and rules pertaining to your role as a DER
  • Reinforce to your employer your ability to accurately and efficiently keep them in compliance

Certification Fees


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